Third party opinions and information on newest technologies, latest gadgets and devices, entertainment or gaming topics are being greatly valued nowadays. Open minded folks love to hear, read and discuss independent opinions and information from capable and well-informed bloggers and webmasters. That is why tech blogs (see tech theme demo) and significant online magazines on technology, social media, gadgets, games or design keep popping up all over the net.

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If you are planning to commit to this and provide valuable and updated information on technology, gadgets, mobile devices, the latest games on the market, social media or else, with MH Magazine, you are well equipped and in best possible position to publish a tech blog / online magazine.

MH Magazine – the Perfect Match for Tech Blogs
To cater a large audience of interested readers and visitors it is important to present content well-organized and easily accessible. MH Magazine was developed to handle a large amount of content in a simple and organized way. This flexible and reliable magazine theme for WordPress is ready to be customized according to your professional requirements. MH Magazine WordPress Theme comes equipped with those features you will need to publish a successful tech blog.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

Top Features of MH Magazine
Designed to handle large amounts of content easily and organized
Fully widgetized homepage to create a “magazine-like” front page
Options to enable/disable site elements with a few simple clicks
Awesome custom WordPress widgets with several options
Several ad spots to place and display banners, ads or promotional images
Several different layout options for archives, widget titles, colors, …
Responsive – optimized for mobile devices and different screen size resolutions
SEO optimization for better rankings in search engines
Using one or two sidebars on left or right side of your website
Opt for boxed or wide layout with only a few simple clicks