Tech fest

MIT Tech Fest is an exclusive exhibit and demo day of innovative solutions developed by the top 15 tech entrepreneurs trained under the UNESCO-FCTA Youthmobile project facilitated by Mcanderson Institute of Technology. MIT Tech Fest 2019 is a disruptive ICT innovation festival for Young Nigerian Developers and Tech Innovators with the aim of showcasing and recognizing indigenously grown technologies.

We churn out the most vibrant tech specialists. Upon graduating, our alumni dive headfirst into the growing African tech industry, expanding on projects, ideas and innovations they developed as students. After their course, students participate in Tech Fest, a tech event which gives them a platform to pitch their MVP (Most Viable Product) to prospective investors that can be shared with others, tested with users and leveraged as a launch pad for future endeavors.

The Tech Fest will have:

  • Boot-camp on Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Grand Pitch Competition for awesome prizes

MIT Tech Fest ’19 Show casing how coding and engineering can be used to solve socio-economic problems and build a better financial future for young people...

When: June 2019!
Where: Abuja

Watch out for more information...