Experience is a critical integrant of our LEAD method. Translate theory into practice with insight from real-world experience, panel discussions with industry experts, exclusive networking opportunities, and company visits, hear from IT professionals and experts on the choices they’ve made, the mistakes they’ve made, and tips on securing a dream job and game-changing innovation.


MIT LEAD method is an integrated approach to learning that enables you to put classroom theory into practice. MIT encourages thought-provoking class discussions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences. MIT provides you with the theory, tools, terminology, and trends to give you a broad perspective on the world tech world.

Action delivery

Advised by a mentor (typically an experienced consultant), small teams of students compete with one another to develop a strategy for a real client. Over the years, we’ve realized that many tech trainees don’t get to practice or produce anything meaningful that is problem-solving after their training thereby making this integrant a necessity. MIT Action Delivery is designed to emphasize practical innovation and growth. Though the scope of action projects varies, most projects focus on the paramount IT challenge facing a company identifying new pathways for growth.