Build a career by choosing a course

Program Overview

Our curriculum would be provided with a hands-on practical approach leading to the required Professional certifications from bodies such as Microsoft , Oracle, CISCO, etc. Hence, we are offering the following key training course options: Mobile Apps Development, Website Design and Development; and Network & Systems Engineering.As a unique component of our training, all course streams will be project based with compulsory sessions on Leadership and Entrepreneurship development.

Benefits for participating in our courses

  • Participants will build several projects during the class and also have an impressive portfolio. With this new skill, our participants can do incredible thing outside the program.
  • Apart from getting participants quality training from McAnderson, each participant has the opportunity of been outsourced to organizations as an intern while they work remotely which usually leads to full time employment after completing their University degree.
  • Participants also have access to an online forum and support for continuous learning via the platform and for meeting with developers and other experts.

The courses are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced with each level with requirement and pre-requisite for students can join at different strata once they meet the requirement and pre-requisites.Each stage has different course modules that should be completed within a time frame of 3 months. Hence, in line with the academic calendar of most tertiary institutions, each course’s stage would be taken every semester leading to a full course’s level being completed every academic session.
For complete comprehension and co-creation purposes, each class set under each course stream will have a maximum number of 25 students to a facilitator and his/her assistant.